Pangeanic is a professional translation company offering professional translation services. Our clients choose Pangeanic as a forward-thinking company, professional translation service because they need professional translations, proof-reading services, bilingual database management (glossaries and terminology), or language advice to accelerate multilingual publishing and time-to-market. We will help you reach other markets with multilingual websites. With our customized machine translation developments, we can create translation engines that pre-translate your content using your own vocabulary and expressions – optimized with your previous translations. Human post-editing services complete our value proposition to publish more, faster and in more languages and keeping to budget. If you need automatic translation for social media reporting, web content generation or just need to get an idea of blogs and news in other languages, you will find are custom automatic translation services useful.

As a translation company, Pangeanic was born after being the European translation agency of a Japanese conglomerate in the UK since 1997 and Spain from 2000. Since 2004 Pangeanic has evolved into a translation company offering sophisticated technology solutions. Our translation technologies will save you time and money and accelerate your publication times in other languages. As a translation company, Pangeanic joined several international translation organizations (Gala and ELIA for example) and was one of the founding members of TAUS in Europe and its Translation Data Association, becoming one of its major donors.  Pangeanic’s research efforts in the field of directly-applied statistical machine translation and development of interfaces filters and enhancements on Moses for the translation industry and general users have been reported in many industry forums and academic articles.

PangeaMT has been mentioned in EU-sponsored project Euromatrixplus as “the first commercial LSP to apply Moses successfully”.As part of company policy, Pangeanic invests a lage share of its profits to acquire and develop innovative tools to offer, year after year, new and more sophisticated processes to our clients. Our tools use previously translated material which after being aligned in bilingual TMX format can serve as databases and retrieve old translations, or even parts of a sentence so you only have to pay the new parts not translated. This means that you can confidently migrate from your current system or start a new translation service without any further compromise.If your translation needs are around 100.000 words annually, we recommend you to consider implementing our customized machine translation solutions to expedite the translation process and save costs. PangeaMT is a system that can be installed as a stand-along solution to translate and re-train incrementally, or used as SaaS. The technology is available to industry and is also in use by other language service providers.Whether you are a heavy user of translation services needing terminology standardization, making re-use of old material with computer-assisted translation tools or are thinking of investing in a customized machine-translation tool to speed processes with post-editing, a Pangeanic specialist will help you decide the best solution to your particular circumstances.