Translating all your documents into a foreign language, maintaining the same layout, should not be nightmare. We make right-to-left desktop publishing and double-byte desktop publishing easy. Pangeanic’s multilingual desktop publishing services are here to help you.

You have invested a great deal of time, money and effort to make your documents look their best. Now you need to translate them into several languages you are not familiar with and copying and pasting into the same layout cannot surely be the right way of doing things. We have published print-ready documents into practically every language in the planet. We can look after Arabic translations and multilingual desktop publishing any right-to-left language. We can also handle double-byte languages like Korean, Chinese and Japanese document translation. Pangeanic will lay out your documents in popular programs like InDesign, FrameMaker, even Microsoft formats so they reflect your brand and the expectations of the local market’s language – even if you do not have the original file! Yes, we can turn a PDF file into a professionally-finished document in another language. And we can do it with high-quality finishing and at fast turnaround times. Samples of our work include

  • Arabic desktop publishing
  • Japanese desktop publishing
  • Korean desktop publishing
  • Chinese desktop publishing
  • Hebrew desktop publishing
  • Russian desktop publishing

Translating illustrations and graphics

Our in-house and native speakers, in-market desktop publishing specialists will make sure your documents reflect the image of your brand in every language you need to publish and not only laying out the text on the document, but also carefully crafting culturally-relevant graphics and colors. We will work closely with you and verify if it is better to expand or reduce text. We will ensure that illustrations, pictures and symbols are relevant and even culturally appropriate. Above all, Pangeanic wants to preserve your solid brand identity, but also use our in-country language specialists to spot any issues that your printed or web material may have in a particular region before it is printed or published.

Translating websites

We do not just talk the talk but also walk the walk. Have a look at our culturally-adapted websites in other languages