Professional Translation Services go hand in hand with your company’s effort to enter new markets.

Do you have 1,000, 2,000, 3,000 … 10,000 words or more to translate or more?

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Website translations?

Professional website translation services are one of the easiest and most efficient ways to increase your visibility and build a multilingual web presence. Only the best translation agencies backed by thousands of successful professional translation services and the best translators can help you accelerate your website translation projects.

Technical translations? Medical Translations? Legal Translations?

Trust Pangeanic to translate your technical documentation, which is mandatory requirement in many industries. Our professional translation services are here to help you in many expert translation areas.

  • Professional Translation Services by expert medical translators, proofreaders and editors to ensure quality medical translations.
  • Professional Translation Services when you need to convey the meaning and not just the words, for example when translating your marketing documentation and collaterals.
  • Technical translation services when accuracy and terminology management are paramount.
  • Translation technology solutions: plug in your eCommerce site to our machine translation services and update your product line-up with your own terminology on the fly.
  • Machine translate blogs, newspaper articles. It does not make sense to use professional translation services if you just need the gisting of thousands of tweets or social media for sentiment analysis.
  • Use our powerful Cor Translation Technology to translate big data for social media and sentiment analysis.
  • Partner with Pangeanic to manage your CMS and reach an international audience with a quality multilingual website.
  • Use human-quality professional translation services to translate your documents when you need human translation services.

How about translation quality?

TEP Workflow

Translation -Editing -Proofreading Workflow

Our Knowledge Center offers plenty of information on how a professional translation company can help you grow.

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